1. Motsatsing

    The one with the sun…

  2. Oh no, not today folks, we closed for business… Corruption closed for for today - #vscocam #vscosouthafrica #corruption #SAPO #pretoria #pretoriastreetphotography #cityoftshwane #strike #thisissouthafrica

  3. the oppi life

  4. No Stoping. - #vscocam #vsco

  5. So I’m 26 today and I feel like this picture. Structurally still strong as the steel on top but the insides are slowly crumbling, weakening, decaying.. I could be melodramatic but isn’t that what happens after you pass 18, the age where your body supposedly stops ‘growing’? Anyway, here’s to another year of something.

  6. Hmm, I think iTunes is moving into one of those “to monitor” things. Ever since I started buying from it, I feel like I’m doing it willy nilly now..

    Anyway, I just bought this banger of a single by Beatenberg called Rafael, just on time with the Friday that we on. Check it out when you can. Till then have a great weekend, I plan to!
    #beatenberg #rafael #buymusic #proudlysouthafrican

  8. E A R T H ’ S ┬áH E A R T

  9. Accidental Click -

    Thought it looked cool, decided to share..

  10. Bars… - #vscocam