1. Windows…

  2. Meet Nomvula and Bokang….

  3. Au Nat..

  4. Nyla’s playground

    With Nokwanda


  5. geniet dit


  6. Merely emphasising the music that goes with the post I’ve just shared.. lets get alil bit jazzy yo! - The Trip

  7. How she sees herself

    Meet Gabisile “Gabi" Motuba, one of the most amazing songstresses i have come by in these times of exploding artistry in South Africa. She’s involved in a number of projects musically such as #ProjectElo, The Trip, probably more lovely stuff. She likes herself glowing and happy like this when photographed haha, instead of intense and deeply into her zone like i have sometimes caught her. check her out here: https://soundcloud.com/nelius-nortje/butterfly 

  8. Filling the world with smiles, one person at a time

    So in some way, i may have a lot of pictures that i have recently captured but never made time to share, which in my world, is not a right thing. I have been on little bouts of trying trying to getting out there, experience life and just have a “sensible” good time at it, so i have been roaming around between Pretoria and Joburg attending things that are quite pleasing…

    I met this girl at the Lighthouse in Melville some thursdays back, if memory serves me right, her name is Lindie (sp) and she just had a beautiful soul and a beautiful  smile really, had to leave home with a bit of her with me, hence this.  


  9. Hello Hi there, I’m selling these images of mine so feel free to browse and contact a brother. http://ditimages.tumblr.com/

  10. the break in between